Digital health startup using technology to improve the quality of decision making by health providers.

At Trackhub we aim to bring about a digital solutions to simple yet important health related aspect using precise solution, strategies and models.

Our Core Goals


Expose platforms with low visibility and exposure through adoption and integration of their business model and our solutions  


Bridging the gap of individuals data existisng on multiple platforms, duplicating information and corrupting atomicity.


Solving issues pertaining to medical health both of individuals as an entity and individuals that make up a group or organisation.

About Us

Trackhub Health is a digital health company that uses technology to support decision making by health providers and clients. In doing so, we believe we can improve the demand for health care and the supply of quality health services. We are playing our part in the universe of African digital health and health technology start-ups addressing market failures in the healthcare ecosystem. Trackhub Health seeks to address the information gap that exists in the health care space between providers and clients which limits availability, quality, and utilization of health services.


Trackhub Health is a shared value, impact focused organization. We exist to support health providers in Africa so that they can bring health closer to existing and underserved clients.


A healthcare ecosystem where the logistics of decision making is cost effective to health providers and clients.


 To use technology, process innovation and strategic partnerships in creating an information architecture that supports quality service delivery to clients.

Our Products


Laboratory logistics platform (Lablog)

Lablog is a software as a service for laboratories to manage their sample pickup and dispatch. It
seamlessly integrates the laboratories, their dispatch fleet, and the partners they serve in one stop shop.  


Home Health

The HOMEHEALTH platform enables clients access laboratory testing services from the convenience of their preferred locations. We handle the sample collection, logistics and results dissemination without stressing the client. 



M-TRACK amplifies the benefits of the antenatal
care encounter by creating a digital community of mothers connected to the health system throughout pregnancy and the post-partum period.

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